Calling all Sword and Sorcery fans!




Calling all Sword and Sorcery fans!




Open call to all you Sword and Sorcery types out there!

Are you a author, artist, blogger, game creator, or just a really big fan of S&S? I want to hear from you!

I am looking for contributors, you know people that would like to do a guest blog post, write an article, write a guest review, spotlight their art or other creative endeavors. I would like to provide you a platform to get the word out on your S&S project or maybe just your love of the sub-genre. I am not talking free advertising, you have to do a little work here. So lets work together bloggers share and share alike, lets team up! I want to get my blog out to more people and so do you. Most important, I want to share all I can and let as many people as I can know about all the goings on in the Sword and Sorcery community.

So your not a author, artist, blogger, or game creator with something to promote, but you love S&S, give me a shout. Are you are just a fan and want to write about your favorite books, art, your cool collection, or whatever? lets talk.

I am no S&S expert, I know there are some out there but hey, no need to be one to express what you like or your opinions. No judging here.

So please share this post around. If you know someone that would be perfect for this let them know, or let me know about them.

I am really not looking for anything out of this, I just want to provide a platform for what I really like and share with as many like minded people as I can.

So get in touch!


Thanks everybody! Can’t wait to hear from you all!

James – Mighty Thor JRS